Calendar for June 2018

Well, since I forgot to make my May calendar on time, I'm trying to make up to you with June calendar a little early. I decided to make a calendar with my watercolor painting I made for a 100 day challenge. I just wanted to show you I started working with watercolors, which is quite a new medium for me that is already starting to grow on me. Besides I don't want you to run away with a feeling I can't make something kind of realistic, although this isn't what I would normally prefer to paint. But I guess I'm changing :D So, there is a new calendar for your desktop or screensaver and you can download it for free in hi-res here. I haven't got time to upload any new videos on my youtube channel

Watercolor cherries

I was never a fan of realistic painting. I felt it limits me too much and considered it to be good only for practice. If every smart phone can make a photo these days, what would you need realistic painting for? I admired artists that painted realistically, but only for their skills, I didn't see much of the artistic expression there. Well, maybe I was wrong a little. I wanted to try myself with how I felt while drawing and painting more realistically. And when my mom brought me this year's first cherries, nicely put in a cup, that was a sign I need to start. And... yes, as a creative self-care, realistic painting is as good as any other technique. Sketching is fun, painting in is restful an

Watercolor mixing fun

I was intimidated by watercolors for a long time. I'm not sure why, maybe it's just a feeling they are so unforgiving. And in my case the whole technique is upside down... instead of going from dark to light like with acrylics, you need to do everything from light to dark. Not to mention the spots you need to stay white and you should think about that ahead. But it happened my husband bought me a large box of watercolors for Christmas and they were waiting for me to gather the courage. So I started with color mixing and I still can't wrap my mind around the fact how many different colors you can get with only mixing three primary colors... I knew in theory that this is the case, of course, b

Calendar for May 2018

Oh, my! I forgot! I totally forgot! ... I'm making this calendars for almost 3 years now, but I took a vacation two weeks ago and I forgot to make a calendar before I left... Sorry :D Well, here it is nonetheless, I hope it's not too late and I hope it'll bring you some spring. Here we just skipped spring and went from winter straight to summer, but it's ok, I don't mind too much. Since I was on vacation I didn't upload any new videos on my youtube channel but you might check old ones if you haven't already. And as always you are welcome to subscribe, like, comment and share if you liked anything I posted. There is a new calendar for your desktop or screensaver and you can download it for f

The 100 Day Project April (Days 1-23)

On April 3rd started a new creative challenge called The 100 Day Project, that I decided to join. It's a creativity project that thousands of people join every year and post photos of their creative projects on Instagram under the #the100dayproject. I tried to create something daily and instead of art journaling I was working on smaller sheets of paper that I'm putting in a folder. If you are interested in challenges like that, you can still join, it really doesn't matter if you are a little late, what matters is you create every day. And here you can see my little daily creations made in April.

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