Calendar for September 2016

The year has come around. It will be my first anniversary in September that I started working as an independent artist. I'm not rich (yet, ha ha), I'm selling a little and working a lot, but I'm still alive and haven't lost weight (to bad, me think). In that time I learned a lot about marketing, selling options and similar stuff that is not something an artist likes to do. I also did everything in my power to improve my drawing and painting skills and on the other hand to teach people about mixed media creative self-care. Having workshops was a great experience and hopefully there will be more in the following months. I had my first solo exhibition under Kras Arts brand in January and next o

Mermaids 2

The last member of my Mermaids collection is Jason, or prince Neptun, as you prefer. He is a merman (obviously in English there is a word for him which is not the case in Slovene language). The girls wanted me to make them some male company and since I never ever painted male portrait I was eager to take the challenge. There is, of course, this thing I have for men with long hair and a beard but to paint a man like that can be extra tricky. But I'm not scared anymore and here he is in a couple of "ugly" stages and finished. And finished my pretty blue boy with gentle eyes. While painting him I couldn't help thinking about how I enjoy myself and wondering if people that will see him would sen


Painting a mermaid for my last homework at Olga Furman's Painting Dreamy Portraits class I got an idea to make couple of series of different magical/fantasy/mystical creatures. So mermaids were the first series that I begun with and so far I finished three mermaid portraits I wanted to share with you in this slideshow. I used aquarelle paper, pencil, colored pencils, watercolors, acrylics, gesso, gelatos, gold and silver marker and paper napkins for background. Unfortunately in this scans you can't see the effect of different mediums that give a painting certain texture and shimmer. My mermaids project is still evolving, so please, come back to see more in the following days.

Painting Dreamy Portraits - 4th week

After 3 weeks our class with Olga Furman should end since it was said it's gonna be a 3-week course, but Olga gave us another week for free. That was a great surprise and a very nice gesture from her. The goal of this lesson was to paint a dreamy face with a combination of a human face and some part of an animal. Olga showed us her work process and explained everything from sketching, color mixing, underpainting, glazing, layering, working on background, adding horns and flowers and other important things that led to her finished work. This is her finished work, I admire very much. I haven't got a time to do my homework in June or July, because I had to finish some of my already started wor

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