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Calendar for October 2020

This Covid pandemic brought at least one good thing... Our government gave every citizen a turist voucher to use in our country. So instead of going to our second home in Karst as usually we went to a proper vacation. After long consideration we selected House Anika in Goričko region, Slovenia. I'm really happy to say it was a perfect decision. We had a wonderful time, people are super kind and they speak in a such a lovely dialect I could listen all day.

The house was just amazing. Our hosts created it themselves and they really took care of every tiny detail. We fell in love with Anika the moment we saw it. We were phone/internet free, no TV, no neighbours, just nature, Charlie the cat and occasional squirel visit. We went to see some interesting places in region, but mostly we enjoyed peace at our little house... just look at it!

We ate local food like dödole, bograč, pumpkin soup, bujta repa and I made friends with a local alcohol beverage called Jurka. It's not wine since it is made out of native vine and it has really low alcohol percentage, but it's beautiful ruby red, smells like fruit and is sweet and light.

Ah, good times. It was hard to go home.

Since I wasn't creating much this past month I used a photo of Anika for your monthly calendar. You can download it from this site or on this link.

I think for me it'll be a reminder of a wonderful vacation and I hope it brings peaceful vibes to your desktop.If you are interested, you can find our hosts here.

There still isn't anything new on my youtube channel but you are welcome anyway to check my older videos in case you missed them.

I wish you a lovely October and hope to see you in the next one.


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