Calendar for July 2016

I really hope you had a wonderful June, but since it's coming to an end here is time for your new desktop wallpaper calendar. You can download it for free here and I hope you like it. Have a great summer, see you again in a month!

Studio make-over

Since my laptop was broken and all other computers in the house are much to slow for me, I used my time to read more, to paint more and to do a total make-over of my working space. My studio is small but full of light and with a beautiful view every day of the year.

Painting Dreamy Portraits - 2nd week

Second week of Painting Dreamy Portraits with Olga Furman was already about drawing and painting faces. Watching Olga working was wonderful and I thought that maybe painting faces isn't that hard. When I finally got to work I found that although it's far from being simple, it can be done. Within my abilities, of course. The goal of the week was to paint an angel and I sat with mine for hours. I watched Olga's tutorials over and over again, following her instructions and experimenting here and there. I had some problems with the background because I didn't follow the instructions and tried to outsmart Olga, but in a long run I had to tore away half of my angel's face and start all over - tha

Art journaling workshop

Today's workshop was for young people and I must admit I was quite surprised how these teenagers already forgot their inner child. There were some of them that were not willing to relax and enjoy the creative process, they were all the time worrying what to do, to make it right. I felt like I was teaching in school something for grades. Well, most of them were enjoying the process of creating their first art journal page and hopefully at least some of them will try something like that at home.

Painting Dreamy Portraits - 1st week

After 1st week of taking Olga Furman's class I was very happy with my work. Olga really knows how to explain things to make complicate things sound simple and when I followed her instructions I found her teaching to be very helpful. This is my third homework - a complicated vase sketch. Final homework for first week was sketching and painting an animal and I just love how my Mathew turn out. I named him, yes, because during painting time we chat a lot and the name came all by itself.

Mixed media workshop

Today I had my first mixed media workshop in my hometown Novo mesto. There were 14 women that came to create and have fun. We worked in a group of really lovely people, had a chat about creating art, keeping our inner child happy and shared a few laughs. It was fun and everybody enjoyed the time spent in the workshop.

Painting Dreamy Portraits with Olga Furman

Today finally started art course with Olga Furman that I've been looking for for quite a time. I must admit this is the first on-line course I have ever taken and I didn't know exactly what to expect. I just felt that it's time for me to learn painting faces, the thing I was putting aside for years. Olga did a great job with preparing everything for this class, from list of supplies to theoretical explanation and videos showing us how theory works in practice. I can't comment on other classes because I lack experience, but this class already looks great and I hope to learn as much as possible. If you don't know Olga, you can check her website. She paints beautiful portraits that really look

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