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Hey guys, I'm so happy to tell you I've finally made some videos of me working and started my Youtube channel. That was on my priority to-do list for a year now and I really don't know why I procrastinated on this for so long... Now that I've started, I keep thinking what should I show you next and how I can make my videos better, more interesting and entertaining. You can see them here. I also made a new series I call "Retro" and is playing with round shapes that remind me of the 70's and also somehow of Rex Ray's work. You can see it in my previous blog and in my portfolio. I enjoyed making the series very much, but I have lots of new ideas in mind so I will give myself couple of days to f

A new collection - "Retro"

Oh, my, I had so much fun creating my new collection I call "Retro". It draws some inspiration from Rex Ray's work, but I like to think of it as my very own and I didn't find anything quite like it on-line. Yeah, it's hard to be really original this days when you encounter hundreds, if not thousands, of amazing artworks a day on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and other social media. And when you start developing your ideas, you really need to pay attention for subtle details that subconsciously emerge in your art but aren't your own... I must admit I was half through the collection, when I remembered Rex Ray and when I checked his art in utter panic that I unknowingly used his ideas, I disco

Retro - video tutorial

Well, there is my second video tutorial for your inspiration and a little insight in my creative process. I hope you'll enjoy it and if you did, please give it thumbs up, subscribe and/or comment. And here is finished piece.

My first video tutorial

Oh my God, I can't believe I finally made my first video tutorial. It's not as easy as it sounds. You need to clean at least a part of your studio, find a perfect lighting and decide what to show in a tutorial. After that you need to find a perfect video editor (that is absolutely horrifying), find royalty free music you may use and start editing. It takes time. It takes strong intention and at least two cups of ice cream to calm yourself in the process. So here it is... I'm not very happy with it, but just wait till I buy another gallon of ice cream and start making videos left and right. I hope you'll enjoy it anyway and if you did, please give it thumbs up and/or comment. And here is fini

Art journaling August & September 2017

I did tons of art journaling in August and September and I want to share my pages with you. I wanted most of them to save memories so I made collages of old photos of my family and friends, and old cute stuff I was saving for who knows what purposes and are now safely packed in my journals. As always I used mostly vivid colors and I think you can clearly see loving feelings I've put into it. Enjoy the video and you are very welcome to comment here or on my youtube channel :D .......... V avgustu in septembru sem kar dobro napolnila svoj umetniški dnevnik. Želela sem predvsem ohraniti spomine, zato sem naredila precej kolažev v katere sem dodala stare fotografije svoje družine in prijateljev

The Buddha of The Brothel

I'm really proud my brother just published his first book The Buddha of The Brothel. It's a description of a part of life in India we don't usually know about and as seen through the eyes of an European. You can find his book on Amazon through this link. "When Kris made a trip to India to study Ayurvedic massage, he never thought he would find love, adventure, and heartbreak. Traumatised by the loss of his friend and army abuses, Kris came to India practicing meditation and chastity, but both efforts were turned head over heels when he caught sight of Radha, a sex worker in Pune’s notorious red-light district. Before he knew it, Kris was wrapped up in the world of pimps and crime lords, lo

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