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Calendar for February 2021

It's hard to say January broght anything new in our "pandemic-like" life... sadly it just goes on and on... We can only hope this doesn't become our new normal, because, frankly - there is nothing normal about that and it's wrong on so many levels I just don't feel to go into this.

But there is one constant at least: my monthly calendar for you. I hope it'll come handy and make your desktop fresh and a little quirky.

As I told in previous blog (for those who are new to this) I already made calendars for this year, because I wanted to try sometning else for a change. Every month you'll get a desktop calendar as usually, but I'll also add several journal pages you can print and use for your yournal. This is meant especially for those that don't know how to start their own journal and need some stimulation. You can remake my pages the way you feel and make them your own by adding text, collage, stickers, drawings, doodles, ephemera and anything else that comes to mind. I really hope you'll like a new style of monthly calendars and if you did you can download the first one here.

All weekly pages for February are downloadable here. I'd be really glad if you shared in comments how they turned out when you used them. That's how they look now:

There still isn't anything new on my youtube channel but you are welcome anyway to check my older videos in case you missed them.

I wish you a lovely February and hope to see you in the next one.


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