Calendar for July 2018

Let's paint some doors... you know what I mean :D I was admiring all sorts of interesting photos where main object are just doors. I don't know why I find them so fascinating. Maybe it's because of the mystery hiding behind them. Or it has to do something with the fact that doors always lead from one place to another and I see them as opportunity to learn something new. Anyway, I started painting doors as my watercolor practice and it happened you got one of them for your desktop. I wish they would remind you of summer with a hint of a smell of spice and a promise that behind this door there is something wonderful waiting for you. So, there is a new calendar for your desktop or screensaver a

Tickle and Dance with Peter Keegan

I took a course on Art Tutor that is called Vibrant Florals & Flower Gardens by Peter Keegan. I really liked the course and Peter explains everything nicely, so it immediately become one of my favourite courses. It's sort of impressionism technique and I found Peter's phrase "tickle and dance" for describing how the brush should work on canvas really cute. Of course one can not expect their first painting would look like Peter's, but I think my first attempt was ok. I made a photo of a bouquet my mom made for a friend and used it as a reference photo. You can check my creative process below .

Funny chair watercolor

Couple of days ago I've seen a photo of a chair on Instagram and I saved it for possible referenceand today I had no inspiration to work on something new, so I just used the photo and took an exercise in my watercolors. I didn't want to copy a photo exactly so I changed proportions and patterns a bit, but still left the overall base of a photo. Sketching was fun and painting in felt almost meditative, just like coloring books I guess.

The 100 Day Project May (Days 24-54)

On April 3rd started a new creative challenge called The 100 Day Project and so far I managed to get through April and May. Instead of art journaling I tried to create something new every day, but due to my other chores sometimes I hadn't much time. When that happened and I wanted to make something fast I just used all sorts of failed attempts for a background and the rest was a piece of cake. This also helped me to clean some of my stash of junk paper so it was a win-win situation. Here are all my daily creations made in May.

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