Calendar for September 2019

So much about vacation... I was really looking forward for having some free days to just rest a little, but in August this just didn't happen... Besides a lot of work our car got tired of us and we are still in debate whether to repair it or buy a new one. Hence no vacation yet... maybe next week. Recently I got addicted with detailed watercolor paintings. It's just my way of meditating. I've made three pieces so far and I'm afraid I just can't stop, therefore you can expect more of this in the future. And I also promised my followers on Instagram, to make a timelapse of my work process. The second one I used for your calendar and this is how it looks. I hope it'll bring rainbows and joy to

Calendar for August 2019

Summer goes by so quickly... August is my favourite since it's my birth month and I'm looking forward to my well deserved vacation and meeting friends and family at the end of the month for my birthday. I really wanted to make couple of videos while working on some new pieces, but it's easier said than done... Don't get me wrong, videos were recorded, now I only need to edit them. If you ever edited a video, you know what I mean :D But I will, eventually... Anyhow, there is a new calendar for August. I wanted to introduce art journaling to people here in Slovenija so I made a video while working on a really simple little artwork and finally I changed it into your calendar. This is how it loo

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