Happy birthday Lili Kali

The person who said diamonds are girls best friend, never had a dog... Happy 2nd birthday Lili Kali!

Calendar for June 2016

Well, I hope you had a wonderful month of May, full of joy and creativity. I've been busy, busy, busy :D If you wonder what I was doing, there are some short news below, but first a calendar for June 2016, you can download here . In May I stumbled upon an article "Painting starts with Pain" and discovered the time is right for me to step outside my comfort zone so in June I'm going back to school (again!). Well, it's only on-line course but at the moment I feel enormous thirst for more knowledge and experience in art. I posted a blog post about three best video tutorials for drawing whimsical faces, which was very well accepted by my readers and Facebook friends traveling similar artistic pa

3 best video tutorials for drawing whimsical faces

OK, a promise is a promise. I told you the other day I'd gather some of best tutorials for drawing whimsical or artistic faces to help you find the inspiration and some theoretical knowledge about the matter. Since we have Youtube you would expect to find there anything and everything, but if you are looking for something specific you might get disappointed. You'd think there are lots and lots of tutorials about the subject and, well, there are, but sadly many of them haven't got much value. So finding a tutorial that is easy to follow and with instructions that are really helpful isn't as simple as you'd think. Please understand that I'm sharing 3 tutorials I found on youtube and found good

"Painting starts with Pain" - Chris Oatley

Lately I felt quite overwhelmed with all this gorgeous art I see everyday on the internet. When you see such wonderful artworks you start question yourself, your talent, your knowledge and ability. And to my horror it affected my need to create. Suddenly I got afraid that all the best art was already created and that I'm not good enough. I guess you all know that feeling. And in that time of doubt I found a great article "Painting" starts with "Pain" by Chris Oatley: "Pain is proof that you’ve discovered the limits of your ability. Pain forces you to decide. When you reach points of pain, you decide whether you’re going to accept your limits and work within them… …or practice until you move

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