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Calendar for June 2018

Well, since I forgot to make my May calendar on time, I'm trying to make up to you with June calendar a little early.

I decided to make a calendar with my watercolor painting I made for a 100 day challenge. I just wanted to show you I started working with watercolors, which is quite a new medium for me that is already starting to grow on me. Besides I don't want you to run away with a feeling I can't make something kind of realistic, although this isn't what I would normally prefer to paint. But I guess I'm changing :D

So, there is a new calendar for your desktop or screensaver and you can download it for free in hi-res here.

calendar for June 2018 desktop wallpaper cherries watercolor painting

I haven't got time to upload any new videos on my youtube channel but you might check the old ones if you haven't already. And as always you are welcome to subscribe, like, comment and share if you liked anything I posted.

I wish you a wonderful June and see you in a month!

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