Calendar for August 2016

Oh, yeah, July was mostly a vacation for me. And it was so hot all through the month that I was mostly interested in swimming or hiding in a cold place and not so much into work. But I managed to sit by my computer at least this much to make my new calendar for you for next month. You can download it for free here. Well summer should be hot and a time to relax ourselves, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Painting Dreamy Portraits - 3rd week homework

For 3rd week homework we had to choose whoever we wanted to portrait, so I've chosen a character from Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen. Although she is not my favorite character in this TV show, she is really beautiful and I hope I did her justice. This was almost too easy. I feel like things are falling in to places by themselves. I'm just here to watch it happen. I sketch and it doesn't look very good. I start painting and it's ugly and doesn't show any resemblance to a person on a photo. But when I continue, it just... happens. Suddenly one eye feels right, and then a nose, lips are hard, but eventually they start to look ok and before I know it, it seems that maybe this has a chance.

Still in my heart

I hope it's not too confusing, but to make a long story short, first we had our girl Kaleina Kitty that we called Kali. Now we have a girl of same breed and her name is Lili Kali, and we mostly call her Kali. Yap, we pretend she is still that same Kali. But the original Kali would have been 12 today. Happy birthday baby!

Painting Dreamy Portraits - 3rd week lesson

After painting an angel our next lesson was to draw and paint a portrait of Frida Kahlo as lesson 3 and then another portrait of our choice for homework. The point of this lesson was to actually catch the resemblance of a person. I felt this is going to be a lot harder than an angel, but at that time I already trusted Olga to show me exactly how to do it and I started working full of optimism. Frida was going along slowly. Somehow we didn't bond as I hoped we will, but here she is.

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