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GET TO KNOW ME (a little)


My name is Mojca (pronounced Moi-tsah or you can hear pronounciation here) and I live in a small European country Slovenija. I've been around for, well, some time. I live with my husband and our furry child Lili Kali.

Once upon a time in a different life I finished law school, but wasn't happy. I finished sociology studies, but still wasn't happy. In that life I was a manager, a party girl, a teacher, a biker, sad or happy, hot or ice-cold. Always busy 24/7, always going to extremes, but never knew a peace of mind.


Something had to happen, to get me on my knees, to touch, what at the moment felt like, the lowest point possible. And it was hard, really really hard... and I keept wondering what did I do to deserve this. But eventually you need to get yourself together and when I did, I found something wonderful. Art saved my life, I know, it sounds kind of cheesy, but it's true. I found my life purpose, I found what makes me happy, I found peace of mind. And yes, I deserved that!


That is why I'm trying to share my experience with others, to show them healing powers of art and growing through self-expression.

As an artist I'm a color freak, and I must often restrain myself from using too much colors in one piece. I also love circles and spirals, since those represent basic form of life. I gain inspiration from nature, especially flowers. I love mix media, but also use watercolors and acrylic paint. I make mosaics, I make art journals which I also use as a sketch book and to test some of my ideas before using them for »real« art.

I also love doing things myself (yes, I'm a Virgo), but I lack a certain stubbornness, so here you can expect to find instructions to make DIY mostly for home decorations and for making your own art supplies which are easy to do and to gain best results with as little effort as possible.


This page is dedicated to my new different life and to all you lovely people who are interested in art, craft, handmade items for home decorating and DIY. I'll try to introduce you things I've learned about all of the above. Of course everything about architecture is still one of my interests and I expect topics connected to it to appear often in my blogs. There will be also some pet photos, because I just can't do without. I'm not native English speaker, so please don't hold it against me if I make mistakes with my writing. I'm doing my best :D 



























If you want to know more about me, you may take a look at my pins on Pinterest, you can also follow me and get a taste of what I'm interested in and what I like.

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