Self-portrait or how to accept your imperfect looks

For those who are my old Facebook friends it's no secret I already had 5000 friends and since I wasn't comfortable with deleting any of you, there were no other option than to open a new account. I used same name and all the photos were my artworks. But it happened that in my new profile I got into a group of friends that share really a lot. Not only their art work, but also deeper insights into their working progress, learning, thoughts and feelings about their art and creativity and sometimes even private stuff. Lately I've decided to do my self-portrait and change my FB name because I started to notice that my name and my profile photo are a little to impersonal in regard to others. And p

Calendar for May 2016

Rex an I is my painting I made as a gift for my cousin and now you can have it in a form of a calendar for your desktop wallpaper for free. I wish you all a wonderful month of May, green and flowery spring full of love, warm sunshine and birds flying all around :D

Wonderful art by Olga Zelinska

Every time I stumble upon an artist whose work talks to me in a very special way I want to share their work with the world. Beside that making a blog post also ensures me to never forget them. I also ask them for their permission to include their work in my blog and most of the time we start chatting and check each others pages and become kind of friends. It's great to get to know like-minded people. Same thing happened with Olga. I found her work on society6, loved it, promoted it and moved on to another artist. But I couldn't forget how special her art was to me, how much I admired her choice of color, her details and those beautiful alien-like women. I also love sort of ancient Egyptian

Something to remember

I love spring time but it also brings sad memories, because we lost 3 of our dogs from 2004 to 2014 in March or April. This year I made a painting for my family to remember all of our darlings. It's acrylic on canvas, 45 x 60 cm, title: Lavender dog.

A perfect way to use old jeans

Every time I clean my wardrobe I eventually start asking myself if it is normal to have so many clothes. At spring cleaning I counted all my trousers (80% of them are jeans) and then checked what the internet has to say about that... Well, I found information that is supposed to be from 2010 and it says that women own 7 pairs of jeans on average (1 in 4 women owns 10 or more). I'm definitely this 1 of 4 and the number of my jeans is seriously embarrassing. The study also shows that about 30 percent of women say they refuse to go up a size to find jeans that fit, 50 percent are holding onto a pair of their jeans in hopes of squeezing into them again, and 62 percent use their jeans as a measur


He left us 12 years ago on this day... We were heartbroken from losing Pehta a month before and I guess so was he. And obviously he couldn't live without her. It was one of the worst times for our family, losing two furry children, that were a part of our family for 10 years, in a course of 1 month. This is a collage for Nall. We still love you darling boy.

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