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Calendar for November 2020

October is coming to an end and it's time for new calendar.

We already got second wave of Covid-19 and are more or less confined to our homes again. At least walks around the forest are still allowed. Last Sunday my cousin's children came to my studio to draw with me and since they told me they found some mushrooms in the forest it was only logical to draw that.

I'm always saddened when I see kids trying to draw realistic drawings and become frustrated by that. I like to show them that not everything needs to be just like in nature. And it is also real fun to make something up and use quirky colors, don't you think?

So here is a calendar that I made from imaginary watercolor drawing I made on this Sunday with Pika in Matic.

You can download it here and I hope it brings pure joy and autumn feelings to your deskop.

There still isn't anything new on my youtube channel but you are welcome anyway to check my older videos in case you missed them.

I wish you a lovely and healthy November and hope to see you in the next one.


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