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Calendar for April 2020

Wow, we really live in a sci-fi movie, don't we?

Since I've worked from home for the last five years this corona pandemic didn't affect my life very much, but I know some of you are struggling with a new way of life, being closed inside, working from home and schooling your children. At least I hope you are healthy and taking care of yourself.

I know you are used to get my calendars without too many text to read, but today I'm making an exception. I really want to share my thoughts about this corona thing.

I've noticed media keeps telling us that hopefully we will soon "go back to normal". And it makes me cringe every time I hear this... Normal? Really? What the f... was normal about our lives? Power hungry word leaders, corrupt politicians, greedy capitalists, stress, almighty money, conflict, war and terrorism, people dying because of obesity on one side of the world and dying of hunger on the other side, pollution, global warming, lack of respect toward others, toward nature and toward ourselves, drugs and consumerism, superficial ideals, impossible beauty standards, idealizing celebrities, racism, sexism, hoarding goods we don't need, and on and on.

And don't get me wrong, beside what I wrote, I see good in people and especially at this time there are so many little changes that give me hope for a better future for the world after the virus.

Now it is the time to decide how the world could and should be. And make it happen.

Stay safe and well.

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There isn't anything new on my youtube channel but you are welcome to check my older videos in case you missed them.

I wish you a healthy April and hope to see you in the next one.

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