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Watercolor cherries

I was never a fan of realistic painting. I felt it limits me too much and considered it to be good only for practice. If every smart phone can make a photo these days, what would you need realistic painting for? I admired artists that painted realistically, but only for their skills, I didn't see much of the artistic expression there.

Well, maybe I was wrong a little.

I wanted to try myself with how I felt while drawing and painting more realistically. And when my mom brought me this year's first cherries, nicely put in a cup, that was a sign I need to start.

And... yes, as a creative self-care, realistic painting is as good as any other technique. Sketching is fun, painting in is restful and all together experience is really nice. So why not... I might even fall in love with it.

Or maybe I already have... blueberries were also inviting.

blueberry blueberries in a Klimt cup

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