Calendar for April 2016

For all my dear subscribers and other visitors of this blog, a new calendar for next month. Let it be a lovely one. Cheers! :D

Easy way to learn drawing artistic faces with Dina Wakley

Remember when I told you I don't like drawing faces? I really don't. Or maybe I should say I didn't. In high school I drew lots of realistic faces, mostly actors and singers that I liked at the time (I wonder where my favourite poster of Jim Morrison went. Hm.). But when this phase was behind me, I NEVER EVER drew faces again. Lately I started to appreciate portraits and to make things clear, I admire artists that draw hyper realistic portraits, but I have no desire to do that. I prefer simple fantasy faces but after so many years I just didn't know how to start so I went to Youtube (where else) and in my first try I can say, I hit a jackpot. I found a video by Artists Network with Dina Wakl

Art journal cover, March 2016

Every time my art journal has only a couple empty pages left, I prepare a new notebook for my next art journal. I love making covers, I can't explain why, but I love it even more than art journaling itself. Lately my art journaling doesn't look anything like it did in previous years. I do a lot of sketching and ink drawing. Sometimes I only use pencil or one colored pen. This is the reason why I have chosen a simple notebook for my next art journal. I used plain notebook and glued torn pages from an old book on the cover. I painted it with acrylics, finished with white and black pen and finalized with glossy varnish. I think it came out quite cute and I can hardly wait to use it.

New ATCs

I love making ATCs when I'm not in the mood for "serious" work. That happened today since I am a little tired of my yesterdays spring cleaning all through the house. I guess you know this feeling when you have the need to create, but you are kind of too tired, lazy or just uninspired. I discovered that in those cases I have three options: making a page in art journal, do a little sketch or make some ATCs. So today I did the latter and I had quite a fun time. Not to make short story long (wink), here they are... If anybody wants to trade, just let me know.

Why is abstract painting good for you

We all know (I hope) creating is a very effective way to stimulate the brain and that anyone can do it. We are all born with desire to express ourselves and as children we all create without any concern if we are any good at it or comparing ourselves to others. When I was preparing for my first art journaling workshop I read for hours and hours about how creating any kind of art can help adults in so many different ways. Activities like painting, drawing, photography, coloring etc are relaxing and can lower your stress, but abstract painting especially is a source of distraction, giving your brain a break from the thoughts running in your mind and reality around you. My latest abstract paint

Why I like working on custom orders

Every artist loves their expressive freedom and don't want to be told how to make their art. If you noticed in my blog early this year (or it was last year? what can I say, time flies), I put in my blog a Joni Mitchell's song Circle game. When I was listening to this song in my high school years, I had a live recording from one of her concerts and during the song she said: "Nobody ever said to Van Gogh: "Paint that starry night again, man." He painted it, and that was it." I don't recall why was she talking about that, but it somehow stick in my mind. ... and that was it... :D But like it or not, custom orders are a thing that is giving most artist a chance to survive financially. And of cou


Today is 12 years since we lost our darling girl Pehta. She was the goofiest bobtail you've ever seen and we love and miss her still. I made a little collage for this sad anniversary to remember her by.

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