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Painting Dreamy Portraits - 4th week

After 3 weeks our class with Olga Furman should end since it was said it's gonna be a 3-week course, but Olga gave us another week for free. That was a great surprise and a very nice gesture from her. The goal of this lesson was to paint a dreamy face with a combination of a human face and some part of an animal.

Olga showed us her work process and explained everything from sketching, color mixing, underpainting, glazing, layering, working on background, adding horns and flowers and other important things that led to her finished work.

This is her finished work, I admire very much.

olga furman - a girl with horns

I haven't got a time to do my homework in June or July, because I had to finish some of my already started work and then I had 14 days of vacation, so after coming back home, the first thing I did, was to return to my homework for the last lesson.

I was thinking about mermaids when I was at the seaside on my vacation, but the final piece of the puzzle I got when seeing wonderful mermaid crowns made by australian florist Chelsea Shiels that are truly amazing. You can see them here.

At that point I knew I wanted to paint a mermaid with some sort of crown from shells and corals and here she is.

mermaid Jewel, blue faced girl with a shell crown

Unfortunately in this scan you can't see how well my background turned up and how gelatos made shells all shiny, but I'm really happy how everything turned out.

I must say that Olga's class was a great experience for me. It was my first ever on-line class that I took and I learned how much fun it is learning that way. Olga was always so helpful and kind and I got to know some of my fellow students in this class that are amazing and talented artists and also very nice people.

I can also see a great progress in my abilities to paint faces and you can see it for yourself here.

comparing faces before and after class

In the process of making my mermaid I got several ideas for my future art that I already started to work on and I'll be sharing it with you very soon, but the most important thing is that I really stepped out of my comfort zone, I faced my fears of drawing and painting faces and overcame those fears completely. I'm very proud of that and very thankful to Olga to help me with that.

So if you don't want to be scared anymore, you can still join same Olga's class, that is starting on August 7th. I'm pretty sure you won't regret it.

painting dreamy portratits on-line course with Olga Furman

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