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Painting Dreamy Portraits - 3rd week homework

For 3rd week homework we had to choose whoever we wanted to portrait, so I've chosen a character from Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen. Although she is not my favorite character in this TV show, she is really beautiful and I hope I did her justice.

This was almost too easy. I feel like things are falling in to places by themselves. I'm just here to watch it happen. I sketch and it doesn't look very good. I start painting and it's ugly and doesn't show any resemblance to a person on a photo. But when I continue, it just... happens. Suddenly one eye feels right, and then a nose, lips are hard, but eventually they start to look ok and before I know it, it seems that maybe this has a chance. It's a miracle.

After spending 3 weeks with Olga's class and in her FB student group I can't stop thinking how lucky I was to find her class and meet all other talented students. It's a bunch of very nice people, sharing their work and also complimenting and commenting to others'. And Olga is always there for us, to suggest, help and answer questions. This is really a great class, I love it! :D

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