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Painting Dreamy Portraits - 2nd week

Second week of Painting Dreamy Portraits with Olga Furman was already about drawing and painting faces.

Watching Olga working was wonderful and I thought that maybe painting faces isn't that hard. When I finally got to work I found that although it's far from being simple, it can be done. Within my abilities, of course.

The goal of the week was to paint an angel and I sat with mine for hours. I watched Olga's tutorials over and over again, following her instructions and experimenting here and there. I had some problems with the background because I didn't follow the instructions and tried to outsmart Olga, but in a long run I had to tore away half of my angel's face and start all over - that was a frustrating and very meaningful experience :D

I guess it really is about having someone to show you how to do something, to tell you how to start and to inspire you to try. I'm really happy to have taken this course, because Olga really is a great teacher.

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