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Wonderful art by Olga Zelinska

Every time I stumble upon an artist whose work talks to me in a very special way I want to share their work with the world. Beside that making a blog post also ensures me to never forget them. I also ask them for their permission to include their work in my blog and most of the time we start chatting and check each others pages and become kind of friends. It's great to get to know like-minded people.

Same thing happened with Olga. I found her work on society6, loved it, promoted it and moved on to another artist. But I couldn't forget how special her art was to me, how much I admired her choice of color, her details and those beautiful alien-like women. I also love sort of ancient Egyptian inspired motifs and composition.

All in all, her style is unique, wonderful and something I would like to try if I dared :D

She is not only a great artist, but also a warm person, easy to talk to and I would really recommend you to visit her website, her FB page or her profile on Artists artwork to see more about her and her work.

I know I will check on her work regularly and I'm very happy and proud to have started a friendship with her.

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