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Why is abstract painting good for you

We all know (I hope) creating is a very effective way to stimulate the brain and that anyone can do it. We are all born with desire to express ourselves and as children we all create without any concern if we are any good at it or comparing ourselves to others.

When I was preparing for my first art journaling workshop I read for hours and hours about how creating any kind of art can help adults in so many different ways.

Activities like painting, drawing, photography, coloring etc are relaxing and can lower your stress, but abstract painting especially is a source of distraction, giving your brain a break from the thoughts running in your mind and reality around you.

Tulip - abstract painting

My latest abstract painting, Tulip (acrylic on canvas, 25x58 cm), march 2016

All in all, any form of art is a great way to encourage creative thinking and helps you come up with new ideas and solutions to problems, it enhances problem solving skills, it stimulates your brain to grow new neurons, boosts self-esteem and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Creating makes you feel good and has an impact on your dopamine levels which are crucial for your focus, concentration and motivation. Art also increases empathy, tolerance and feelings of love. All those facts have been scientifically proved.

I noticed most adults forgot how to draw and most common excuse for not making art is (besides: "I don't have time.) "I have no talent". Adults mostly have this strong opinion you must be born with a talent and even if in some cases this is true, the majority of artists will tell you, that there is a lot of hard work involved.

So this is a reason why I love abstract painting. I can tell people they don't need to have drawing skills, but they still can express themselves through abstract (or intuitive) painting. Personaly, I find myself enjoying abstract painting not because I wouldn't know how to draw, but because I find realistic painting and drawing too limiting. My imagination goes beyond those limits and I don't see the point of limiting myself creatively.

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