Calendar for January 2016

And here it is... The end of the year. Now it is time to look back and ask ourselves what we did right, what we could do better and what we didn't do, but we should have. Time for new years resolutions, although we all know what usually happens with that, don't we? I think it is not wise to force ourselves into drastic changes and the activities for which it is already clear they will not come true (like going to the gym every week... come on, really?). However, it is also good to set ourselves realistic goals, as these give meaning to our lives. If one of your goals is connected with the creation of art journal or mixed media artwork, I hope to see you here again and I will be really glad i

A simple mixed media artwork tutorial

10 simple steps for great results As promised, I finally made ready a tutorial with one of my mixed media artworks from The Branches Collection. I've made a video, but the lighting in my work space is obviously sufficient for me to work, but not for video recording purposes. So here is a photo tutorial and I hope it will be enough to encourage some of you to try something similar. At least now you have no excuse about how you can't imagine how it's done. It's quite simple really. Well, let's get started! You will need: - paper, - glue, - white acrylic paint, - old book or a newspaper, - old magazines or scrap papers, - black and white gel pen or water-resistant pen, - acrylic colors, pastels

DIY cute ice holiday decoration

Last year I made my ice candle holders to decorate two stairs at my front door. I've seen a tutorial on Pinterest and found it quite simple to try. It was cold enough outside for my candle holders to last more than a week. This year is just too warm to make this, since temperatures here are over 5 degrees Celsius even at night. But if it is colder where you live, I recommend you to try doing this. It's cute, it's simple, it'll take you just a couple of minutes and, voilà, you've made yourself a wonderful outdoor decoration. You only need plastic containers, a plant from your garden and water. You can see tutorial here. (Instead of soda bottles I used Ikea plastic containers). And here is the

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