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A simple mixed media artwork tutorial

10 simple steps for great results

As promised, I finally made ready a tutorial with one of my mixed media artworks from The Branches Collection.

I've made a video, but the lighting in my work space is obviously sufficient for me to work, but not for video recording purposes.

So here is a photo tutorial and I hope it will be enough to encourage some of you to try something similar. At least now you have no excuse about how you can't imagine how it's done. It's quite simple really.

Well, let's get started! You will need:

- paper,

- glue,

- white acrylic paint,

- old book or a newspaper,

- old magazines or scrap papers,

- black and white gel pen or water-resistant pen,

- acrylic colors, pastels or any other paints you are comfortable working with.

Step 1 - paper and glue.

The choice of paper quality is yours, but since you will put on it layers of other paper, it is better to keep your best quality paper for something else. I'm using universal glue, no special brand.

Step 2 - apply glue and first layer

I've chosen some wrapping paper and two old books from school that I will definitely never read again :D

Step 3 - white acrylic paint

A brand of paint is not important, I used the one I had at hand. Apply it on paper but try not to cover the text completely. Let it dry.

Step 4 - blue and green color

I've chosen blue and green color, you can pick your own favourite combination. I suggest two or three colors, but you can use more if you like. Let it dry, again (tea time!).

Step 5 - cutting leaves and circles

I've prepared some old magazine cuttings and scrap paper.

And while waiting a paint to dry, I've cut lots and lots of leaves and circles in green and pink color.

Step 6 - drawing branches

Use a pencil or light brown marker to draw basic form of your branches.

Step 7 - finishing background

As you can see in the picture below, I glued on some paper scrapings in similar colors as background and used some rubber stamps. Branches are enhanced with dark brown marker and I also added a little owl from wrapping paper I used before. She is the focal point of a whole piece.

Step 8 - glue on leaves and circles (fun begins!)

What else is there to say - enjoy yourself!

Step 9 - black and white

Now it's time to use black and white pen to circle around leaves and circles, to make little patterns that will bring life into your work.

Step 10 - finishing touch

For final touch I used soft pastels, but you can use any other paints or colors for shadowing and improving the all-together effect.

Just remember that you have to fix your work afterwards.

And there it is... a scan of my finished work.

I hope you got all of the important information and you are happy with your artwork inspired by this tutorial. If you wish to share, I'd be happy to see your work. You can post a photo or scan of your work on my FaceBook page.

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