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Calendar for January 2016

And here it is... The end of the year.

Now it is time to look back and ask ourselves what we did right, what we could do better and what we didn't do, but we should have. Time for new years resolutions, although we all know what usually happens with that, don't we?

I think it is not wise to force ourselves into drastic changes and the activities for which it is already clear they will not come true (like going to the gym every week... come on, really?). However, it is also good to set ourselves realistic goals, as these give meaning to our lives.

If one of your goals is connected with the creation of art journal or mixed media artwork, I hope to see you here again and I will be really glad if you visited my site next year too.

But anyhow, 2016 is still a blank slate and I wish you all to paint it with your own colors and enjoy it very, very much in the process.

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