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Saving Memories - The Book of Whispers

My biggest last year's project in my private life (not connected to my art work) was getting rid of everything I don't use or need anymore. It was a spring cleaning all year long. I know there are people that do things like that on a regular basis, but I'm not one of them... I buy new stuff and the old stuff goes in the cellar or on the attic, that's a no-brainer.

But after a certain amount of time the house gets filled up and you should resolve some issues to prepare yourself to say goodbye to tons of things that are just occupying space. Also to stop hoping that clothes you wore in your teens will ever be useful for you again. You know what I mean.

I'm very proud of myself because I really threw away lots and lots of junk, I also gave away 19 (large) boxes of clothes and made two trips to "Reciklarna" (it's a centre we have here, where you can bring your stuff and leave it there for free, they will clean it and sell it for a minimal amount of money to people that can't afford new stuff - sort of recycle it).

And talking about that, there came up so many those little things that only have sentimental value and your heart breaks if you think you should throw it away. It's garbage, really, but this garbage sometimes holds precious memories that only you remember.

So instead of art journaling in January, I made a little art journaling book I call "The Book of Whispers". The name is not my idea, I've seen it a Laly Mille's (I'll put her video below mine) and I found it meaningful because all the things I put in was whispering to me about old times, nice memories, people I spent time with and so on. I turned it a little to suit my purpose and my junk that didn't want to be thrown away found a new artistic home.

Here is a flip-through my book:

I hope you like the video and you are very welcome to comment here or on my youtube channel, also to like, share and subscribe... thank you so much :D

Here are some photos for a close-up.

And as promissed, here is Laly's video, that gave me the idea.

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