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The Circle Game Collection

As promised I'm sharing with you my circles. The name of collection is borrowed from Joni Mitchell, if you don't know the song, you can listen to it here:

Yes, the song is a little older and Joni was a young woman singing this in 1970, but it is the music I used to listen in my early high school years. It's what I call merry-go-'round song because it has repetitive rythm and tune, but it's still cute and it has a meaningful liyrics.

And while listening to Joni, you can check my circles. They say it was Archimedes who said: Noli turbare circulos meos, and this saying is one of my favourites since uni, but it absolutely doesn't apply to you, my dear :D

If you like my circles, let me know. I also wish to know which one is your favourite, you can tell me that in the coments below.

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