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Calendar for February 2019

February should bring first hints of spring, Valentine's day in it's worst form of consumerism and birthdays to several people I love.

I wasn't a big fan of February until now. I can't say what changed, but staying put in a warm home/studio has become my favourite form of fun. I painted lots of portraits this month using different mixed media techniques like crosshatching, stamping, collage and so on. You can see everything I'm working on at my Instagram account here.

Even if I weren't a fan of Valentine's day I had to make a calendar reminding you of the best thing that it should remember us about. Love. And a heart in my painting is golden, so please open your golden hearts for others and I hope you will get so much love in return.

As always you can use it for your desktop background or screensaver and you can download it for free in hi-res here.

I made couple of timelapse videos lately, but haven't find the time to publish them to Youtube but you are still invited to check my older videos on my youtube channel if you haven't already. And as always you are welcome to subscribe, like, comment and share if you liked anything I posted.

I wish you warm and cosy February. Take care and see you next month!

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