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Calendar for November 2018

Well, happy Halloween for those who like it, and for us reall witches: safe broom-flight and stay in the shadows. And yes, for those who are wondering, reall witches also have dogs not just cats.

For November I picked one of my latest art journal pages to make a calendar for you and I hope you will like it. As usually you can use it for your desktop background or screensaver and you can download it for free in hi-res here.

Unfortunatelly my art has become kind of a hobby lately, since I'm working on several projects at the moment and I don't have time for my art as much as I would like to. And no time for editing and production of the materials I've collected in those past months.

Anyway I'm inviting you to check my videos on my youtube channel if you haven't already. And as always you are welcome to subscribe, like, comment and share if you liked anything I posted.

I wish you a wonderful November and see you in a month!

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