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First mixed media artwork in 2016

December was such a busy month for me, that I didn't have time or energy for creating anything more than some sketches and doodles in my art journal. I always had so many ideas and wtih all this running around they just ran out too :(

Well this year started much better. As I mentioned yesterday I have a flu, but ideas are back and also the need to work (and by that I mean create). I'm amazed how much I did in this past few days.

Two years ago I started on something and without a clear vision I abandoned work half done. Now I found it and finished it and it gave me an idea of creating a new collection I call Four seasons, with four pieces obviously.

I used sheets of a good quallity thick paper and made background with acrylic and watercolors. I used stencils in one piece and rubber stamps in the other. I cut lots and lots of old magazine papers and papers where I cleaned my brushes and similar stuff that I never throw away (sounds familiar?). Some small patterns with black and white gel pen (I can't do without) and this is what happened.

This one is called Spring Song (how original, I know, but I'm kind of a friend of the obvious) and it is the one that was half done and only needed finishing.

The title is used from a Felix Mendelssohn's Spring

Song you can listen here while reading this.

Second one is my new and a very first, totally fresh thing

I made this year. It is obviously winter and it's called

Ice Queen as my homage to Dutch symphonic metal

Both works are living proof that all my scrap papers can come to a good use someday and although it took quite a lot of time to make both pieces it was also so much fun. You can try it yourself, trust me, your heaps of scrap paper will reduce a little and besides having a new artwork, you'll have a feeling that you cleaned your desk a little and made space for something new.


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