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Music helps me create

As much as I love art, I also love music. My taste in music is eclectic and if you saw my CD-s collection you'd be surprised with all sorts of music styles that are on my shelves. I'm always in a search for something new that would give me this wonderful feeling when you just want to dance, sing, dream, hold the world, smile, cry... fly...

When I'm making art I always listen to music that seems right at the moment. Lately I discovered this young man playing electric violin on street and for the last few days he is on my playlist and my company during my creating process.

His name is Remus Stana and apparently he is Romanian who lives in Scotland. I surely hope he will be able to record a CD once and get success and appreciation he deserves.

Since I also love to sing along I searched for the original song that Remus made a cover from. It is Indila, a French singer and songwriter and I love the original too but unfortunately no sing along for me, since French is all Greek to me :D

I know lots (maybe most) of artists listen to music while creating and it's beautiful how music gets incorporated into an art piece. Besides if you are making art and listening to music you get two great therapies in one package. What can be better that that?


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