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Art journal 2015

Looking back at my art journal pages from 2015 I realised I haven't made so much pages to show off :D

There is an obvious progress comparing to 2014 and also a huge simplification of my pages. I was using less different colors and media, a stencil or stamps here and there, but pages weren't so time consuming as previous years.

It's not that I become lazy, but I moved my interests to larger mixed media artworks and design and focused on possibility that my life-long dream to became a full time artist might even come true. Therefore my art journal wasn't my No. 1 creating activity anymore.

But still, here are those few pages that are good enough for public :D

And if you are wondering about my dream, I should be honest with you and admit that on 1st of September 2015 I officially become a starving artist :D

Yes, I sold 8 designs on different POD pages which brought me enough money for a lunch in a better restaurant, yeey. Before Christmas I sold some greeting cards and prints and I had 3 custom orders, which were good, but still not enough to grant me a decent living.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all. I'm well aware that success doesn't come overnight and I work hard. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. But what a work this is!


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