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Thinking of Summer on a snowy day

Well, here we go... still ill, but enjoying myself in my warm house, tea running in streams, listening to Remus Stana, scented candles are burning everywhere. Outside is cold and lots of snow and it's great when you know you don't need to go out. Even my morning dog duty has fallen to my other half, which is a little strange since I'm used to go out with my furry friend first thing in the morning and I'm doing this for (OMG!!!!) 26 years now :D

Although I'm ill, I feel great, if you know what I mean. I was working on third piece of my new Four Seasons Collection and before I show it to you here is a song that give the piece its name.

Janis was one of my idols when I was a teenager. I can't say what was the reason I liked her so much, maybe it wasn't just about music and more about her appearance. I loved her hippy style and, oh yeah, let's be honest, I never really grew over that :D I'm very thankful for this boho-hippy style is never out of fashion.

Summertime is, as told before, third piece of Four Seasons Collection, obviously it represents Summer, that's why I used very vivid colors, lots of leaves, flowers and some Summer fruits. I used same thick high quality paper as before for Spring and Winter. Background is made with watercolors. Main figure and her flowery crown are made with paper cuts from old magazines. When finished, I enhanced colors a little with soft pastels and ink blocks. So, here she is.


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