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Introducing Donna Downey

When I watched Donna Downey painting tutorial on Youtube for the first time it was like a revelation. I always did my artwork without any planning or a concept and always felt a little guilty with that because I was taught that concept is basic... And there is this Donna, who just showed me it's ok to do what I do. Well, let us admit, she obviously has much more experience in intuitive painting than me, but looking her at work is a great inspiration and her tutorials are something I love to watch when I'm tired and not in the mood to paint. And before her video ends I'm already eager to start. Maybe you should try it too...

Donna is not just an amazing artist, but she also gives workshops and teachings about different art techniques. Her website is very interesting with lots of useful information and enables you insight into her beautiful work.

On Youtube you can find lots of her video tutorials on her channel, and those who keep art journals surely know her wonderful stencils like these and many many others.

I strongly believe that there is an eternal circle of being inspired and being an inspiration. There are all sorts of things that can inspire you, from nature, man made objects, feelings and people. And being an artist gives you a possibility to explore all this inspiring things and eventually you can only hope that with your work you can inspire others.

As I mentioned before in my blog posts I have discovered plenty of artists that inspire me and either you are an artist (and by that I also mean you, my dear art journal maker) or just love beautiful art, it's always good to learn how and what other artists work on. It doesn't matter if your art style is different, if an artwork makes you stop, takes your breath away, draws your attention to it and makes you feel good watching it, it's purpose is met.

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