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Why complicate? Let's try to make it simple!

Have you ever noticed that you make your art and essentially everything in your life, too complicated? Yes, I know. Me too. Things are complicated - that is our excuse, and most of the time it is true. But what if we can make it more simple? At least sometimes...

I discovered that in my art I often complicate things too much, I want to put every color I've got in one artwork, want to use all my best skills and knowledge in every single piece, to be the best I can be always. And same goes in life, can you see the connection?

Yesterday I wanted to create a bunch of simple patterns that can be used for printing on cloth (for pillows, dresses, all over printed T-shirts etc). I wanted them to be simple and simple is a problem for me.

I used a golden marker and only one color (dark purple) marker and white paper. I've done so many patterns by now in my artwork but when only a pattern was to be a main character it took me some time to find out how to make it work.

This made me realize that simple is not always easy and it is a wonderful practice in art and in life. Of course it doesn't mean that my artwork will be just patterns from now on and my life will still be complicated in many ways, but it is nice to try something else and do a little practice in simplicity.

You can see all my patterns coming to life on different products on Live heroes.

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