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Is it a shame to be naked?

Well, I must admit, I don't like drawing or painting people. Not bodies, not faces, not nudes, not portraits. Nothing with people involved. Why? Because it isn't easy :D In fact it's scary hard. I guess you are with me or at least I hope you get it :D

But... they say the creativity begins when you step out of your comfort zone, so I've seen this coming. I knew I had to do it and this idea was hunting me for a long time. I was in a really bad mood yesterday and today. Everything was wrong and strange in a way that made me very upset. I just couldn't have my usually happy face. So it was a perfect day to do something that requires some absent mindendness.

We all think that to draw a human body you need to know all about anatomy and proportions, and if you wanted to do the job done properly, it's true. Since I had in mind more abstract version of a nude, I thought a little mixture of anger, sadness and "don't give a sh..." will help me think less and see more.

Now here she is, for you to judge how well this emotional combination worked for me.

If you ask yourself why she has all hair and no face, you didn't read what I wrote at the begining of this text :D

And because she is shy, of course :D

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