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Creating with autumn leaves

Now autumn is here, no doubt about that. After a week of rain, we had a lovely sunny day today. When walking my dog I noticed how beautiful fallen leaves are and was wondering how could I use them. I picked up lots of them, but I found out not all are useful for drawing on, since some are to fragile.

Today I want to show you how you can use autumn leaves to make a beautiful art. It's so simple you can also use this idea for a project with your children. You only need one or two permanent markers and white gel pen. Then you have to go for a walk. Yeah, nobody said it is done without an effort :D

I recomend you pick only leaves tha are of compact structure, by that I mean, that they don't crumble in your hand.

After coming in I always recomend some music, tea or coffee is welcome, and then you are in a good mood for making some art. Just use your marker to draw simple patterns on the leaves, and finish it with white pen. That's all folks!

From your newly made art you can make a little bouquet, you can glue a leaf or three on a handmade greeting card, you can also use some of them for a page in your art journal or can just glue them on a piece of cardboard paper and you have your own wall art to decorate your room.

I used my dark magenta Faber-Castell big brush pritt pen 133 and white Signo uni-ball gel pen. And I made a bouqet from them, it will be a gift, but design will be available in my zazzle store.

Since it is already dark outside, these photos are the best I can come up with right now. Sorry.

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