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Lovely artwork by Sarah Jane Design

There are tons of artists on the internet and lots of them are really great, but there are some that kinda resonate with me in a special way to make me stop and admire their work. I wish to save their work in my blog and also share it with people that may not know them yet.

One of those artists is Sarah Peltier (Sarah Jane Design). Her rainbow colored animals and people are just gorgeous and you should see her bags and pillows with her artwork prints and I'm sure you would love it.

She is a lovely young person with a great attitude to life. You can check her blog where you can find not only her work, but she also shares advice to help starting artists to sell their work learning on her experience. Visiting her blog can be very interesting, so here is direct link to it:

You can also visit her FB page where is a large gallery of images of her artwork and other things she sells:

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