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How to build self esteem by art journaling

When you start art journaling, or any new thing at that matter, there is always an annoying inner voice telling you, you are not good enough. This inner critic whispers all possible reasons why you should quit and maybe sometimes (and by that I mean rarely) it is right, but most of the time we shouldn't listen to it.

Art journaling in one of those methods that tries to teach us how to ignore that inner grumpy and pursue what we like to do even if we know we are not very good at it. After all, practice makes perfect and if all artists quitted when they didn't find their work good enough, there would be very little art to see.

With working on your art journal you will soon notice that your inner critic isn't so loud anymore and you will enjoy yourself more and more. And after that you might discover that not only your art journal, but all your life has changed for the better. You learn when to ignore your inner critic and find out that it's OK not to be perfect. You know, nobody really is, so why should you be?

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