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Inspirational Quotes - The Book of Truths

I already wrote about my last year's project in my private life (not connected to my art work) which was getting rid of everything I don't use or need anymore. It was a spring cleaning all year long.

If you wanted to know more about how I got the idea to keep at least some of junk that held certain memories you should check my blog Saving Memories - The Book of Whispers.

After making my first book, there were still things I wanted to keep safe, so I made another one, that I call The Book of Truths, just because my memories are mixed with some inspirational quotes that are so true I should never forget them. I also put in some truths about me, there is even a photo of me, yap...

So instead of art journaling in January, I've made two little art journaling books and some of my junk that didn't want to be thrown away found a new artistic home.

Here is a flip-through my book:

I hope you like the video and you are very welcome to comment here or on my youtube channel, also to like, share and subscribe... thank you so much :D

Here are some photos for a close-up.

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