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Enjoying the process

I love watching other artists at work. That way I can learn new techniques or methods, get insight into others work and even fresh ideas for my own work.

Sometimes I become quite overwhelmed with the fact that I've got so much to learn and so many things to try, but only 2 hands and always short with time.

Why I love abstract art so much? Because the process of making it is so much fun. You can't do anything wrong. If you don't like what you made, you just cover it with a new layer of paint and start over. It's messy, it smells so good and even with my borderline OCD - I don't want to get my hands dirty - I just love to dip my fingers in paint.

There is a video of live painting by Jonas Gerard that I want to share with you. I admire his art because it is full of positive energy and when you see him work it becomes clear how much he enjoys the process. No wonder that his art looks so joyful.

Now that you've seen him work, I'm sure you got the idea what I mean. Maybe you even wish to try abstract painting yourself and I hope you enjoy the process as much as Jonas does.

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