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Selling and buying art on Zazzle

Zazzle is one of so-called POD pages, which is shortened for Print On Demand. There are lots of similar pages out there, but as I'm a beginner at selling and marketing my stuff I want to share with you my experience with Zazzle so far.

Registering on is free, you can open up your store or just use your profile to buy things and even create things for yourself. Following the steps about profile and store settings are really simple and you can personalize your store within some limits but still make it special and interesting.

If you want to sell your art all you need to do is upload good quality photos or scans of your artwork and then choose among hundreds of products on which you want your design and how it should look. When you do, you need to provide a short item description and choose your royalty (between 5 and 99%). I would recommend you to check first the prices of other artists to get a better feeling how high you should put your royalties.

The site is easy to use, uploading is fast enough (considering the file size) and you don't need to worry if design will look good since the site warns you if your file quality is not efficient.

There are also different offers and sales every day, when you can buy things up to 60% cheaper. And if you register for Zazzle Black, you have free worldwide shipping for a year, after that period, if you wish to maintain Zazzle Black, you are charged 9,95 $ which is still reasonable price if you intend to buy at least twice a year.

I'm using Zazzle for a month now and I designed about 170 items with my artwork. I haven't sold anything yet but I bought myself business cards and stickers with my design.

I wanted to see the quallity of the print, since I read very good user reveiwes about Zazzle, so I used the opportunity when it was 50% sale on all cards. I made an order on 28th of October and the next day I already got an e-mail to inform me that my items are ready to be shipped. I got it yesterday, so it took 10 days from California, USA to Slovenija, Europe which is quite OK.

The print is really good quality, cards are printed with full color on both sides and stickers are printed on glossy paper with good adhesiveness.

I'm very satisfied with what I've got so my first experience with Zazzle is as good as other artists write about and I can recommend it to you, whether to sell or buy there. If you need more information about Zazzle or selling your art you can always contact me and I'd be glad to help as much as I can. And if you want to take a peek into my store on Zazzle, your are heartily welcome.

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