Calendar for February 2016

Well, by now we got used to this 2016, although I must say it started really weirdly. Everybody was ill around New years or later in January, famous and ordinary people dying one after another, so we can only hope that this year ends better than it started. I'm not a fan of what market made of Valentine's day, but I just love Love. And because this world needs lots and lots of love in all form and shape, I made a hot and fun calendar for all you love birds out there. As usually it's made ready for you to download it for free and to use it for your desktop background. I wish you all a lot of love not only in February, but each and every day of a year.

Four Seasons Collection

For those who didn't read my blog and just came to my page I want to introduce my new Four Seasons Collection which is the first Collection I made in 2016. It's a theme that has been used so many times you'd think it is a little worn off, but I still find it interesting and now that is done, I've done some checking on the internet and although some artists were playing with the idea to use female face and leaves as hair or crown I'm very proud to say, I haven't find any artworks quite like mine. So, copyrights secured :D Since I've named every piece by a song and put a video into my blog, here is also (what else) Vivaldi's Four Seasons, my favorite part Summer - Storm, performed by Vanessa

My first exhibition in 2016

Yeeey, today I had my first solo exhibition opening under my Kras Arts brand. I called the exhibition Four Seasons after the collection that I've made recently and the whole exhibition shows my progress in the last two years. An art exhibition opening is sort of a finishing stage of a certain period. You work, you make mistakes, you try again and sometimes you are really happy with your work and sometimes you think it's crap. But you go on, you learn, you improve. Days before an opening are the worst. You have to choose what is good enough to go and this means you get tempted by many small improvements on artworks you can see now and you didn't see before. And you are so busy, running around

Art journal 2015

Looking back at my art journal pages from 2015 I realised I haven't made so much pages to show off :D There is an obvious progress comparing to 2014 and also a huge simplification of my pages. I was using less different colors and media, a stencil or stamps here and there, but pages weren't so time consuming as previous years. It's not that I become lazy, but I moved my interests to larger mixed media artworks and design and focused on possibility that my life-long dream to became a full time artist might even come true. Therefore my art journal wasn't my No. 1 creating activity anymore. But still, here are those few pages that are good enough for public :D And if you are wondering about my

Mixed media artwork - triptych

Today I want to share with you my first custom-made artwork this year. It's a triptych, mixed media on canvas, each piece size 50 x 70 cm. It's such a joy to create, I guess we all agree on that. But when your work is finished there comes this awkward what-if-customer-didn't-like-it moment of doubt. But it's a great feeling when you see your customer's reaction when they see your art and you can tell you did good. I even got a hug :D Although I was ill while making it, I was satisfied with the result and even more when I saw how happy my customer was.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth is the last piece of my Four Seasons Collection. It is made with same techniques as other three pieces and represents Autumn. I used darker and brown colors for leaves and some fruits for her crown. As all other works in this collection it was named by a song you can listen below.

Thinking of Summer on a snowy day

Well, here we go... still ill, but enjoying myself in my warm house, tea running in streams, listening to Remus Stana, scented candles are burning everywhere. Outside is cold and lots of snow and it's great when you know you don't need to go out. Even my morning dog duty has fallen to my other half, which is a little strange since I'm used to go out with my furry friend first thing in the morning and I'm doing this for (OMG!!!!) 26 years now :D Although I'm ill, I feel great, if you know what I mean. I was working on third piece of my new Four Seasons Collection and before I show it to you here is a song that give the piece its name. Janis was one of my idols when I was a teenager. I can't s

First mixed media artwork in 2016

December was such a busy month for me, that I didn't have time or energy for creating anything more than some sketches and doodles in my art journal. I always had so many ideas and wtih all this running around they just ran out too :( Well this year started much better. As I mentioned yesterday I have a flu, but ideas are back and also the need to work (and by that I mean create). I'm amazed how much I did in this past few days. Two years ago I started on something and without a clear vision I abandoned work half done. Now I found it and finished it and it gave me an idea of creating a new collection I call Four seasons, with four pieces obviously. I used sheets of a good quallity thick pape

Enjoying my new sketchbook

So, here it is, 2016, the year of the Monkey... let's hope it will be playful, energetic, funny and cheerful, as it is supposed to be. I must admit I already feel a little monkey influence at my work. During this past week I got a flu, but I had so many new ideas that instead of cuddling in bed I spent almost all the time painting and drawing. And I think it was worth it. Today I want to share with you a little sketch I made in my new sketchbook (thank you, cousin Tina). It has a lovely black and silver cover and inside are black and white sheets. I used silver pen and frist two pages I sort of repeated the pattern from front cover. This kind of sketching is a great exercise. Trying to repea

Music helps me create

As much as I love art, I also love music. My taste in music is eclectic and if you saw my CD-s collection you'd be surprised with all sorts of music styles that are on my shelves. I'm always in a search for something new that would give me this wonderful feeling when you just want to dance, sing, dream, hold the world, smile, cry... fly... When I'm making art I always listen to music that seems right at the moment. Lately I discovered this young man playing electric violin on street and for the last few days he is on my playlist and my company during my creating process. His name is Remus Stana and apparently he is Romanian who lives in Scotland. I surely hope he will be able to record a CD

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