Calendar for December 2015

In Slovenia we had almost summer warm November and then sudden snow few days ago. But December is already knocking on our doors, bringing all this end-of-the-year euphoria, as always. I must admit I'm not particularly fond of December, all this decoration, gift-buying, celebrating month is just not my thing. A year ago I've made this mixed media artwork and since it's the time of the year when we typically focus on kindness and giving I decided to share this artwork in HQ with you for free. And I wish to welcome all Make Creativity Pay readers who wisit my site for the first time and I hope you'll enjoy my download and have a wonderful holidays. I've also made a festive December calendar for

Drawing Adele by Heather Rooney

Something great for all you realistic portraits lovers. A beautiful drawing of Adele by this young and fabulous artist. And a presentation of a new app Motion Portrait which enables to photos and drawings come to life.

Intuitive painting

I don't know if you ever heard of intuitive painting before, but it is deffinitely a method worth discovering. I wanted to share with you a video that shows you basics of intuitive painting and since I've fallen in love with this technique some time ago, I'm sure I'll bring it up soon again. This is just another way of expressing yourself and has a lot in common with art journaling although both techniques are very different. But they both have a common nominator that creating art is a healing process. So, if you are already enjoying your art journaling, maybe the next step is to try this.

Introducing Donna Downey

When I watched Donna Downey painting tutorial on Youtube for the first time it was like a revelation. I always did my artwork without any planning or a concept and always felt a little guilty with that because I was taught that concept is basic... And there is this Donna, who just showed me it's ok to do what I do. Well, let us admit, she obviously has much more experience in intuitive painting than me, but looking her at work is a great inspiration and her tutorials are something I love to watch when I'm tired and not in the mood to paint. And before her video ends I'm already eager to start. Maybe you should try it too... Donna is not just an amazing artist, but she also gives workshops an

Selling and buying art on Zazzle

Zazzle is one of so-called POD pages, which is shortened for Print On Demand. There are lots of similar pages out there, but as I'm a beginner at selling and marketing my stuff I want to share with you my experience with Zazzle so far. Registering on is free, you can open up your store or just use your profile to buy things and even create things for yourself. Following the steps about profile and store settings are really simple and you can personalize your store within some limits but still make it special and interesting. If you want to sell your art all you need to do is upload good quality photos or scans of your artwork and then choose among hundreds of products on which you

Fairy book tutorial

Today I want to share with you a wonderful tutorial made by Vectoria Design. It shows you step by step how to create your own Fairy book, a journal or a book of quotes. As the end of the year approaching, those between you who are nicely organized are surely planning and preparing gifts for your loved ones already. This tutorial can help you make something really special and I'm sure the recipient of the gift will love it. So if you are ready to do some work yourself, check this tutorial on website: or other interesting tutorials, info and shop at Vectoria Design.

Why complicate? Let's try to make it simple!

Have you ever noticed that you make your art and essentially everything in your life, too complicated? Yes, I know. Me too. Things are complicated - that is our excuse, and most of the time it is true. But what if we can make it more simple? At least sometimes... I discovered that in my art I often complicate things too much, I want to put every color I've got in one artwork, want to use all my best skills and knowledge in every single piece, to be the best I can be always. And same goes in life, can you see the connection? Yesterday I wanted to create a bunch of simple patterns that can be used for printing on cloth (for pillows, dresses, all over printed T-shirts etc). I wanted them to be

Enjoying the process

I love watching other artists at work. That way I can learn new techniques or methods, get insight into others work and even fresh ideas for my own work. Sometimes I become quite overwhelmed with the fact that I've got so much to learn and so many things to try, but only 2 hands and always short with time. Why I love abstract art so much? Because the process of making it is so much fun. You can't do anything wrong. If you don't like what you made, you just cover it with a new layer of paint and start over. It's messy, it smells so good and even with my borderline OCD - I don't want to get my hands dirty - I just love to dip my fingers in paint. There is a video of live painting by Jonas Gera

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