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There is eternal question "What makes you an artist?" What do you think? Is it a degree from arts university, is it a number of exhibitions you had, or just the fact that you know how to draw an apple so everyone can recognize it? Maybe it is a fact that you are able to survive with being a full-time artist. I honestly can't put together a solid definition. Lately I've read that selling art and living of it doesn't necessarily mean you are a good artist, it only means you know how to sell your work. But does that makes you an artist or a salesman? Maybe you are defined as an artist when you have the passion for art and you pursue this passion even when whole world thinks you are worthless.

Beautiful art of Magny Tjelta

Have you ever stumbled on a web page and you just couldn't leave? Scrolling up and down, reading, watching photos and admire everything that is posted? Thinking how everything is just as you needed to read and see to be more creative? And all this beautiful art... just amazing... Yeah, me too. But... not every day. That is why finds like this are important to save and I'm very proud to share one of them with you. Magny Tjelta is a Norwegian artist that not only makes wonderful artwork, but also shares with you lots of very useful information, tutorials and even free coloring pages on her web page and on On these

Calendar for November

October is ending - the trees are suddenly dressed in red, yellow and brown, mornings are cold and foggy, flocks of birds are flying south, the heating is on, my mom had her birthday, we changed the clocks back (and was given one free hour to get some more beauty sleep). And here we have a new desktop calendar for you to download. It's free and even if after Tuesday it says WTF, I wish you all a wonderful November.

Is it a shame to be naked?

Well, I must admit, I don't like drawing or painting people. Not bodies, not faces, not nudes, not portraits. Nothing with people involved. Why? Because it isn't easy :D In fact it's scary hard. I guess you are with me or at least I hope you get it :D But... they say the creativity begins when you step out of your comfort zone, so I've seen this coming. I knew I had to do it and this idea was hunting me for a long time. I was in a really bad mood yesterday and today. Everything was wrong and strange in a way that made me very upset. I just couldn't have my usually happy face. So it was a perfect day to do something that requires some absent mindendness. We all think that to draw a human body

Acrylic painting

I haven't been painting with acrylics on canvas for more than a year now and I was really craving for it. I just love dipping my fingers in colour and see what happens. When I finally got everything ready, I started to hesitate and wondering if I was able to paint the picture that was already in my head. And, of course, the result is a little resemblance of what I had in mind but not exactly it. I don't consider it finished yet, so maybe you'll see it again in following days.

Creating with autumn leaves

Now autumn is here, no doubt about that. After a week of rain, we had a lovely sunny day today. When walking my dog I noticed how beautiful fallen leaves are and was wondering how could I use them. I picked up lots of them, but I found out not all are useful for drawing on, since some are to fragile. Today I want to show you how you can use autumn leaves to make a beautiful art. It's so simple you can also use this idea for a project with your children. You only need one or two permanent markers and white gel pen. Then you have to go for a walk. Yeah, nobody said it is done without an effort :D I recomend you pick only leaves tha are of compact structure, by that I mean, that they don't crum

Making your own stamps with linocut

You know how you read/heard/saw tutorials that you can easily make your own stamps with linocut? Yeah, me too. The other day I've noticed a linocut tools in my favourite store and said to myself "what a heck, how hard can it be?!", and bougth it. Of course that meant I had to visit another store(s) to get some linoleum and, let me tell you, it's not available just everywhere. At home I cut a stripe of linoleum, make ready the tools and wondered about the pattern. I decided to make something very simple for a first try. I used black permanent marker to draw a pattern and then started cutting... I must admit it's not easy at all. I was afraid to cut myself all the time but all went well. To ma

Tanya's Charming Creatures

Tanya Bond is an artist that never stops to amaze me. On her FB page she shares her work in progress until finished and her beautiful art always looks so gentle, elegant and, of course, charming. Drawing faces is one of my weaknesses and maybe that is why I admire Tanya's work so much. She not only masters drawing beautiful faces, but she also gives them spirit and soul that looking in their eyes is really something special and you can feel their emotions. Lately she has been working on a Duality Deck - her personal take on an Oracle deck and she is trying to raise funds for publishing this deck via kickstarter, so if you like her work you can participate in her campaign on: https://www.kick

My first products on Zazzle

So, I'm very proud to say, that there are my very first 3 products already available for buyers to purchase on Zazzle. There is such a great selection of products there that you really should check it out even if you are not interested in buying. If you are interested in products with my artwork you can find them here:


Marta Turska-Grochocka is a Polish artist whose mix media and art journals I admire for quite a time now. Her choice of color is always something mesmerizing and I recomend all art journal lovers to check her page at (direct link): You can see the process of her work in her numerous video tutorials on youtube and on her page, this one below is just one of many.

Lovely artwork by Sarah Jane Design

There are tons of artists on the internet and lots of them are really great, but there are some that kinda resonate with me in a special way to make me stop and admire their work. I wish to save their work in my blog and also share it with people that may not know them yet. One of those artists is Sarah Peltier (Sarah Jane Design). Her rainbow colored animals and people are just gorgeous and you should see her bags and pillows with her artwork prints and I'm sure you would love it. She is a lovely young person with a great attitude to life. You can check her blog where you can find not only her work, but she also shares advice to help starting artists to sell their work learning on her exper

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